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A Transversal Pact for Science

“We ask all Italian political parties to subscribe to this Pact for Science, and formally pledge to follow the five points below, with the understanding that science is a universal value of humanity that cannot be denied or distorted for political or electoral purposes.

A Transversal Pact for Science:

(i) We pledge to support science as a universal value of progress and humanity, which does not have any political affiliation, and whose goal is to increase human knowledge and improve the quality of life of our fellow human beings.

(ii) We pledge to never support or tolerate in any way those manifestations of pseudo-science or pseudo-medicine that can jeopardize public health, such as AIDS denialism, anti-vaccinism, and treatments that are not based on scientific and medical evidence.  

(iii) We pledge to govern and legislate to prevent and contain the activities of those pseudo-scientists that generate unjustified alarm in the general population with baseless statements and remarks against health care interventions whose safety and efficacy has been scientifically and medically demonstrated.

(iv) We pledge to  implement massive and thorough programs to correctly inform the general population about science, as well as its methods and values, starting from schools and with the active involvement of media, scientific communicators, and any category of science and health care professionals.

(v) We pledge to ensure that scientific research is adequately supported in terms of public financing, starting with an immediate doubling of the budget for basic biomedical research in Italy.

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